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Ed and Sandi Cohen, The Change, Motivation, Success, Wealth

Ed and Sandi’s mission today is to empower people to live their dreams and leave a legacy their families can be proud of for generations to come. -Troy Dooly

From Riches to Rags and Back to Riches Again!

Ed and Sandi’s strongest passion is empowering men and women to become financially independent and take care of their families the way they choose.

Their mission only intensified after they lost all of their millions and were forced to start over in their early 50’s.

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The Fall and Rise of Sandi & Ed

Take a Peek Behind Our Success Story!

Confessions of an Overnight Success

GONE: 10,000 square foot home, every room elegantly furnished, a Rolls Royce, a Stretch limo, a Corvette, and a staff including a English houseman, a cook from Grand Cayman, and summers in the South of France. Yes, all gone!

How in the world did this happen?

Read Our Full Story – Featured in The Change 5!

Sandi and Ed were invited by world renowned experts Jim Britt and Jim Lutes to feature their story in The Change 5, a book written by top self-development co-authors around the world.

In this chapter, Sandi and Ed share their amazing story of what it was like to go from being multi-millionaires to dead broke…and how they managed to get it all back again! You can download their incredible story by clicking on the button below.

Insights Into Self Empowerment

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“I met Sandi Cohen twenty years ago. Over the years I have grown to know, respect and love her very much as a dear friend.  Eddie comes with the package deal so I made it a point to get to know him also. Eddie is awesome. The caring, calming “effect” Sandi often needs.

They work well together and I have never seen nor felt strife between them.  I make this statement because as an Upline and business partners there is a certain peace and caring that comes with their deep devotion to the Network Marketing Profession and each other.

To work with the Cohen’s is to know that if you do your call to action they will be right there with you giving 150% of their time and energy. I know this through personal work experience and I thank and love Sandi and Ed for their love and toughness.”

Marcie Cook


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